Satisfy your hold cleaning need

   Our team is experienced in providing cargo hold cleaning service in the ports. We have professional solution to all of our customers and with a care use the time scale 24/7 performing the supervision in order to avoid any delays.

   During the holds washing process we provide the following:

– Photos before and after the operation.

– Reporting during and after the operation.

– Timely and precise service to avoid any delays.

– Cleaning by several teams working day/night (depending on port).

– Full support and supervision until holds are accepted by the surveyor.

Our flying team and own equipment is capable to carry out hold cleaning operations within 2-3 days depending on the size of the vessel.
Our goal is to bring the cargo holds surface to desired condition without any claims or additional expenses from the surveyor side.

Needless to say that it is required to clean the holds even if the vessel is carrying the same cargo time after time. Regardless of the previous cargo carried, all cargo holds should be thoroughly cleaned prior to loading the next cargo as remaining residues may damage not only the next cargo, but also cause negative impact to painted surfaces increasing corrosion.

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